New CenterGT005の Good sound!で好評のサイレンサ-を使用し、SUS304/1mm, ALL TIG溶接、左右ノ-マル出口で、 Tail end 90mm, Slash20°Light weight model : 8~9kgに仕上げました。

この、新作軽量マフラ-生産販売案は、NSX オ-ナ-さんからのご要望に、Rrまわりの加工なしで、GT005の Good soundを、満喫したいお電話連絡をたくさん頂き、GT106開発に向かいました。値段据え置きでインナーサイレサー付きです。

GT013AD を併用することによって、装着が可能です。(触媒はそのまま使用できます)


Price128000yen 税別

I can send it out abroad.


Lightest stainless steel street exhaust made for the NSX:
Featuring TAITEC's proprietary durable and lightweight stainless steel alloy, the exhaust was constructed with a total weight of 16.1 lbs which approaches or is lighter than the weight of Japanese titanium exhausts. This unique alloy allows thin wall construction due to the strength of the metal, allowing an overall low mass.

The exhaust features 52mm piping, a small lightweight canister, and 90mm tips.

One of the best exhaust notes:
The exhaust note of this exhaust is truly special. We have heard from several Japanese NSX owners that this is one of the best sounding exhaust out there. We would have to agree. The exhaust note is warm and deep but very refined. The exotic pitch of the TAITEC GT Lightweight is unlike anything we have heard on the NSX. Very aggressive for the NSX customer that desires more sound and a more intense exhaust note, while maintaining streetable volume.

Price 128000yen + Shipping cost




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