GT-ONE NA2 Adapter



GT-ONE NA2 Adapter






NA2には、触媒の形状が2種類あります。LEV用&LEV前用の2種類あります。新型Type-Rは、LEVですので、LEV用ADが必要です。NA2の前期(H9〜)は、LEV前です。  詳しくは現在装着されている触媒の形状(下の写真)でご確認下さい。



I can send it out abroad.

The piping design of the NSX exhaust behind the catalytic converter was changed by the factory in 1995, and again in 2000.

1995-1996 factory exhausts use the same design as the early cars with the addition of adaptor pipes between the exhaust and converter. In 1997, these pipes were integrated to the exhaust design. In 2000, the design changed slightly again. To install an aftermarket exhaust, 1997+ NSX owners must use these adaptor pipes to correctly fit the exhaust. 1995-1996 owners may use their factory adaptors. However, since the factory pipe diameter is smaller than aftermarket exhaust and headers, we recommend customers with these cars to upgrade to these pipes for maximum unrestricted airflow.

Kit includes full stainless steel piping adaptor pipes, factory-style crush washers, and mounting hardware. Since new gaskets are included, nothing else is required for a bolt-in installation.

Our exhaust sold for 1997 and later NSX include these kits as they are required for mounting of the exhaust.

Price 39800yen + Shipping cost

made in Japan




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