Center Out Model


写真のNSXに装着のカーボンディフェイサーは、専用設計したものを装着しております。詳しくはTAITEC AEROをご覧ください。

GT013AD を併用することによって、装着が可能です。(触媒はそのまま使用できます)


Price 128000yen 税別

I can send it out abroad.

GT-ROM is excited to introduce the new TAITEC Lightweight Center-Exit Exhaust, weighing in at only 16.5lbs! Utilizing a new alloy, TAITEC was able to apply existing experience creating highly-tuned NSX exhausts to produce the lightest stainless steel exhaust available on the market today. This alloy, along with TAITEC's unique chambered canister, results in an exhaust that weighs only 4.5lbs more than comparable titanium exhausts. Exhibiting high Japanese build-quality and a unique pitch, this exhaust results in a winning combination!

TAITEC Lightweight Center-Exit Exhaust

You will not believe your eyes when you examine the weld beads, the bends, and the overall construction. This level of workmanship is simply unheard of in the U.S. aftermarket exhaust components industry.

suggested for use with the TAITEC Rear Diffuser

The TAITEC Lightweight Center-Exit Exhaust system achieves increased rate of acceleration not only by improving the flow of engine exhaust through carefully engineered airflow dynamics, but it is also extremely light weight and compact. It reduces weight where it matters in the NSX at the rear. Due to its light weight construction, not only will acceleration improve, but the stopping and turning abilities of the NSX will also gain agility, giving you a whole new sense of control that could never be realized with OEM, or other lesser aftermarket component.

This exhaust was created to be used with the TAITEC Rear Underbody Diffuser. The stock valence must be removed, modified, or replaced with a rear diffuser or aftermarket valence such as the GruppeM or Erebuni valence.

Price 128000yen + Shipping cost

made in Japan




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