This is a GT-Rom original!

It's an NSX, you can't cut corners!

R-GT rear with GT-WING


Front half spoiler on an NA1!


Super Sports Car NSX !

Made in Japan using top quality materials and under the strict supervision of GT-Rom's industry leading high standards owner, we have brought to the public a more aggressive body style to help you further separate your NSX from the super car crowd.  GT-One's style might be copied by some sellers so feel free to contact us at and we will let you know if the company you are buying from has purchased from us.

And if you don't fancy the 02 lights we have the half spoiler for your NA1!

■GT-ONE Style Aero Parts Price List■



P r o d u c t s p r i c e
  TAITEC N1 Lip Spoiler    \40,000
  TAITEC GT500 WING \110,000
GT-ONE 02R Bonnet/Hood \128,000
GT-ONE N1 Front Bumper \102,900
GT-ONE N1 Lip Spoiler (02 Style lights)FRP \31,500
  GT-ONE N1 Lip Spoiler (retractable lights)FRP \31,500
  GT-ONE N1 Lip Spoiler (retractable lights)Carbon \47,250
GT-ONE Side Step, 4 piece kit \136,500
GT-ONE Side Step, without lower door filler \102,900
GT-ONE Rear Under \81,900
GT-ONE Honeycomb Diffuser Carbon \113,400
GT-ONE GT-WING Ver3 \168,000
GT-ONE Trunk Spoiler FRP \50,000
GT-ONE RGT Rear Bumper \81,900
GT-ONE GT Mirror Set \38,000

 For shipping estimates, please e-mail us at

M a d e   i n   J a p a n 

The above red NSX is a 91 with GT-One full body kit and GT-One lights.
The yellow one kept the retractable lights and added the half spoiler and 02R rear wing.
Please email us if you are interested in doing a full 02 front conversion for special pricing
including our GT-One lights and body kit!


 GT-ROM, Co.,Ltd




Front angle photo of your 91 demo.  Full GT-One Aero
with GT-One headlights and NA2 brake upgrade along with
our custom interior and seat refresh package.

GT-One style adds a subtle but definite uniqueness to your NSX. 
Along with our F1 series exhaust systems, your NSX quickly
evolves into the F1 grade super car it was based on.


GT-One's GT lights are based off of the 2004 GT style lights seen in many of the popular NSX's on the circuit. 
For more info, click the link below

GT-ONE/GT Light kit here!!


■  G T - O N E Style Aero Parts Old Price List  ■



02 Style front bumper with the GT-One spoiler attached.

■GT-ONE/N1 Style front bumper & lip spoiler ■

The combination of our exclusive GT-One lip spoiler was inevitable!  And here it is.  This is for the 02 Style front NSX
only.  Please use our half spoiler for retractable light applications.

Custom Carbon fiber bumpers can be crafted for an additional 84,000 Yen.  Please send us and email for more information. 

Click to enlarge photo

You can only use this bumper with the updated 02 style headlights...or our GT-One Light kit!
If you would like to use this with retractable lights you will need to do some bodywork on the bumper.


GT-ONE/Front Bumper
102,900 Yen Including Tax
GT-ONE/Bumper and Lip Spoiler FRP 2 piece set
134,400 Yen Including Tax

Click Here for larger photo

■GT-ONE/N1Style Side Step & Upper Panel■

This is GT-One's custom side skirts with the door filler. The duct blends smoothly with the side intake of the NSX and the overall application lowers the height about 2cm.
Installation can be done without drilling, dual sided tape is included.


GT-ONE/Side Step & Door Panel FRP 4 Piece Set
136,500 Yen Including Tax

■GT-ONE/02R Hood/Bonnet FRP&Carbon FRP■

This front hood was made to fit the 02 style headlights only.
The duct has been made larger than the genuine Type R front hood.  To suit more buyers the hood is made in FRP but of course to Type R specs. The Carbon FRP hood will take an additional 2 weeks to make if not in stock.

GT-ONE/02R Hood/Bonnet FRP
128,000 Yen Including Tax
GT-ONE/02R Hood/Bonnet Carbon FRP
188,000 Yen Including Tax

■GT-ONE/N1 Style Rear Under Spoiler FRP

The NSX rear under spoiler adds to the overall volume of the rear of the car. 

This plus our rear diffuser really adds a stylish but racy look to your NSX. 

※FRP Black Gel Coat

GT-ONE/Rear Under Spoiler FRP
81,900 Yen Including Tax

■GT-ONE/N1 Style Rear Diffuser Carbon

This is a lovely addition to toughen up the rear stance of the NSX.  The carbon adds to the racy look as well.

Installation is a synch. 

GT-ONE/Rear Diffuser Carbon
113,400 Yen Including Tax

GT-ONE/Rear Diffuser & Rear Under Set
175,770 Yen Including Tax