F1Soundmuffler SuperFour  Ver5

Electronic Valve Control System


`odwi Electronic Control Valve System is not shown in this photo, this is the exhaust



@This is an updated fs|nmd F1 Muffler.
Ver5 is not as loud as Ver4.

The Evolution of the F1 sound does not stop here.

uS has a wild, growl that evolves into the F1 sound we love.  The Version 5/5.1 is not as loud, initially.  But it evolves into a more distinct F1 sound at its peak. 

Electronic Control Valve System

The Electronic Control Valve System developed by APEXi work very well together with the GT-One Muffler system.  Control is at your finger tips.  Open it up for full GT-One sound, Close for those late night returns to the garage.


When Open it is full GT-One F1 sound and all the bragging rights that comes with it.  When Closed, there is about a 5-10% quieter exhaust note.  About 94db with our manifolds and exhaust.  Might vary depending on vehicle.


Please check your local laws.  A catalyst might be needed to drive on public roads.

Made for both NA1 & NA2.
iPlease let us know what engine you will be applying this toj

Sound coming soon...

Full Titanium System@498,000 Yen with Tax & `odwi ECVS
Full Stainless System@258,000Yen with Tax & `odwi ECVS

`odwi dbuS

At this setting the ECVS will automatically adjust based upon the rpm of the vehicle.

ECVS Manual mode
In this mode you can control the ECVS to allow 0-100% sound at 4,000rpm.  Control is adjusted in 5% intervals.  A light will blink to warn of any irregularities or errors.

ECVS Free Setting mode
Choosing this mode will allow you to tweak and tune the ECVS by setting the rpm range from 800-4000 and sound level from 0-100%


GT-ONE@F1 Sound Muffler hSuperFour@Ver5h
d @iStainless Steelj 13.5Kg
iTitaniumj 8.1Kg
@ @
Main Pipe 50mm
Tail Pipe 60mm~2
Tail End 60mm~4
Main Silencer i140mm~500mmj~1
Sub Silencer i80mm~120mmj~2
@ @
@ @
Models NA1@& NA2 with LEV and without LEV
In the box 2 Gaskets, Muffler, and dbu Unit
Price@iwith Tax j Full Titanium System 498,000 Yen
Full Stainless System 258,000 Yen

All Dealers please send me an email for special pricing
iAll Modelsj

We can modify from 4 to 2 exhausts for an extra 20,000 Yen.  iois of Ver2j


F1 Sound Muffler "SuperFour"
Stainless Ver5
258,000 Yen including Tax
F1 Sound Muffler "SuperFour"
Titanium Ver5
498,000 Yen including Tax

F1 Silencer Set, includes 4 silencers
12,000 Yen including Tax