Sound UP!

F1Soundmuffler SuperFour  Ver5.1

An incredibly great feeling sound.

Photo:F1soundVer5.1.F1Ex-manifold and by-pass pipes, a work of beauty!

(Photo  Stainless steel model)

The stainless end pipes become blue from the heat too.

Ver5.1 Titanium (NA1) Look at those blue pipes!


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Version 5.1 is based off of the popular Ver4 muffler.  Main pipe intake has become much quieter, allowing the sub pipe out to become a more distinct F1 sound.  The quieter main means a more high pitched F1 feel as well. Our F1 Series products are all handmade here in Japan by highly qualified craftsmen, using the industries highest quality stainless steel and Titanium.  It takes bout seven months to make one set of Titanium!  No corner has been cut in our industry leading product!

Sound level

It depends on the car, but the sound is about 100db.

Our exhausts are made for any model NSX!

Sound UP
Click the sound file below to hear what the F1 muffler sounds like.

about 7MB


GT-ONE F1soundmuffler ”SuperFour ver5.1”

 Stainless steel



main pipes 50mm
tail pipes 60mm×2
tail end 60mm×4
main silencer (140mm×500mm)×1
sub silencer (80mm×120mm)×2
sound level 100DB(Titanium)
  NA1 all NA2
(tax included) Price Titanium 478,000yen
Stainless steel 238,000yen


F1 soundmuffler "SuperFour"
Ver5.1 Stainless
F1 soundmuffler "SuperFour"
Ver5.1 Titanium


Our Exhausts can be customized here to be single 90mm for 20,000Yen

Inner silencer


Inner silencer