F1soundmuffler superfour  ver4

The evolution of sound never ends...

Sound Up!

Version 4 Titanium model shown above.



What began in version one has evolved into the wilder but F1 refined Version 4!  Revive the joy of driving your NSX and get wild as the throaty F1takes you on a ride to remember!

Please check your local laws.  When using this on public roads a catalyst might be required.

Made for both NA1 & NA2.
(Please let us know what engine you will be applying this to)

Sound coming soon...

GT-ONE F1 Sound Muffler ”SuperFour Ver4”
重量  (Stainless Steel) 11.5Kg
(Titanium) 7.1Kg
Main Pipe 50mm
Tail Pipe 60mm×2
Tail End 60mm×4
Main Silencer (140mm×500mm)×1
Sub Silencer (80mm×120mm)×2
Models NA1 & NA2 with LEV and without LEV
In the box 2 Gaskets(NA1), Muffler,
Price (with Tax) Full Titanium System 428,000 Yen
Full Stainless System 228,000 Yen

F1 Sound Muffler "SuperFour"
Stainless Ver4
228,000 Yen including Tax
F1 Sound Muffler "SuperFour"
Titanium Ver4
428,000 Yen including Tax

F1 Silencer Set, includes 4 silencers
12,600 Yen including Tax


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