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Until now there has not been an exhaust manifold the same length as the stock.  
Our F1 Exhaust Manifold greatly improves the performance and sound of any model NSX.


There is no equal.This is a work of art

NSX stock is a wonderful ride.This will take you to new heights in performance.

Our F1 Exhaust Manifold is the same length as stock!

This is the best manifold in quality and performance on the market-period.

 Finally, parts made to the highest of standards to bring your car closer its
full potential in response and power.
GT-One is Japanese craftsmanship and quality at its best!

  You're looking at a
50mm main pipe, perfectly matched for our F1 sound.

■It's made for the NSX, there is no compromise■

GT−ONE F1 Series mufflers and exhausts are made with one thing in mind - the NSX.  The goal was to produce an exhaust system that could produce the F1 sound and feel just like the soul of the NSX. 

■Not just crafted, but track tested, and perfected■

The manifolds were designed and redesigned five times over to insure a perfect mesh of response and sound.  From dyno tests on several NSX models and applications. 

■Stock Fit■

Our F1 Series manifolds are made to stock length and as perfect a fit.  With pinpoint welds and smoothed finish, Japanese quality is clearly detailed.

■80cm exhaust length■

F1 cars at their peak usually hit over 18,000rpm with exhausts manifolds about 40cm in length.  With the NSX peak being around 8,000rpm, it's only logical to have our manifolds cut to a perfect fitting 80cm.

■A perfect angle at 14 derees■

After extensive tests of finished exhausts the angle of the junction port was tested at 12, 14, and 16 degrees.  The best increase in torque was from 14 degrees.  And that is what helps separate this awesome piece of machinery from less tested "competition".

■Not NA1 exclusive but...■

NSX was made with the F1 in mind and the exhaust was initially made with only 3.0 liters in mind as well.  But all of our exhausts can be easily bolted on to produce a roaring NA2 as well.  Please see below.

You are looking at some of the best craftsmanship in Japan.  Truly beautiful parts.

 50mm main pipe



Genuine HONDA exhaust manifold on the left, our F1 stainless on the right.


F1 Ver5.1 all stainless


  ※For use on public roads we recommend using a catalyst. Please check the laws in your area.
  ※Noticeable power gains with our manifolds and exhaust. We recommend tuning of the ECU to further complement  the GT-One components.

NA1 Exclusive
  The GT-One Exhausts are made for the NA1.  However, if using the muffler and catalyst of an NA1 you can bolt on the full GT-One exhaust system with no problem.

  Japanese stainless steel and the ultimate, Titanium.

  Stainless  320,000 Yen with Tax
  Titanium  700,000 Yen with Tax

Shipping usually takes about 2 weeks and we ship anywhere in the world.


GT-ONE/F1 Exhaust Manifold
320,000 Yen with Tax
GT-ONE/F1 Exhaust Manifold
700,000 Yen with Tax

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■O2 Sensor Extension Harness■

 If you don't want to cut and paste, use our O2 Sensor Extension Harness.  This is a perfect length so you don't have to stretch and pull and no cutting required. 

GT-ONE/O2 Sensor ext. harness
3150 Yen with Tax