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NA1ABS-->2002 NA2 ABS Conversion Harness !

 Traction Control is of course available!!

SCS & DLC can be connected by any Acura Authorized Dealer and
still be accessible when connected to check the
operational status of the unit.

You can have this installed at any Acura Dealer!
This is a GT-Rom exclusive product built
and designed by Mr. Tamura...

Works with the ACURA NSX!! 

NA1 breaks are old and not as efficient as the newer NA2's.  The advantage is more
 than cosmetic (NA1 ABS unit is huge!).  The NA2 ABS unit is less prone to
 malfunction and a smaller and sturdier electrical component.  The
 improved braking performance and easier maintenance is a
 more than obvious bonus for any NSX owner!

Photo Prototype


This is what it looks like installed (minus the newspaper).

ACURA NSX  Genuine Parts List needed for installation
(Please order from your local dealer)

Rubber,ABS Mounting 3 57101-S2A-003
Bolt,ABS Mounting 2 57102-S2A-003
Modulator Assy 1 57110-SL0-Z03
Bracket Modulator 1 57116-SL0-000
Nut Washer(6mm) 2 94071-06080
Bolt Flange(6x16) 3 95701-06016-05
Valve Assy Proportioning 1 46210-SL0-003
Bracket Proportioning Valve 1 46215-SL0-000
Pipes Brake 1 46372-SL0-D00
Pipes Brake 1 46373-SL0-D00
Pipes Brake 1 46374-SL0-D00
Pipes Brake 1 46375-SL0-D00
Pipes Brake 1 46376-SL0-D01
Pipes Brake 1 46377-SL0-D01
Pipe Y Brake 1 46378-SL0-D00
Pipe Z Brake 1 46379-SL0-D01


This is NA1 old ABS unit and accessories.


GT-ONE/ABS Harness Kit
Introductory Offer of→38,000 Yen